Loreto Mexico Baja California Sur
11/10/2018 - Destination

10 Reasons to Visit Loreto, Mexico

Loreto, Mexico is a hidden jewel on the Baja Peninsula with peaceful charm and dazzling landscapes. With plenty of unique things to do in Loreto and incredible beauty to bask in, discovering the top 10 reasons to visit Loreto Mexico is without a doubt a pleasure for those who make the trip. Inside this Loreto travel guide, you’ll find ten of the best reasons to make Loreto, Baja California Sur your next vacation destination.

1. The Peaceful

Loreto Family Vacations
15/02/2019 - Destination

Loreto Family Vacations

While many people think of Mexico as an ideal place for romantic getaways for two or thrilling Spring Break vacations, it also has some of the most exciting family destinations in the world. The town of Loreto, which is located on the eastern coast of the Baja California Peninsula, has all the culture and beauty of larger Mexican cities without the crowds and extensive partying of more populated towns, such as Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. While…

Led Paddle Boarding In Danzante Bay
15/02/2019 - Destination

LED Paddle Boarding in Danzante Bay

Among the most exciting things to do in Loreto Mexico is to take a trip into the night on top a paddle board in the Sea of Cortez. While night time paddle boarding is one of the Loreto activities that might seem a bit nerve-wracking, the use of LED lights makes it an incredibly unique experience and one of the best resort activities Villa del Palmar Loreto all inclusive, offers. Whether you are traveling with family, a group of friends, your…

Making Loreto Mexico Your Home Away From Mexico
16/02/2019 - Destination

Making Loreto Mexico Your Home Away from Home

The magic of Loreto Mexico makes it a place where travelers return year after year, creating memories that make their Mexico vacations a part of who you are. When you return to a place over and over, it becomes your home away from home. With the quiet beauty and friendly service of Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, you’ll be able to enjoy all the comforts of home while staying in one of the most tranquil and traditional Mexico

What To Do In Loreto On Your Mexico Vacation
19/02/2019 - Destination

What To Do in Loreto on Your Mexico Vacation

Loreto Mexico is one of the most serene and stunning Mexico destinations, a smaller town than other popular travel destinations but just as culturally unique and relaxing. Those who choose Mexico vacations here find themselves in a world of natural wonders where they can pass their days lounging on the soft sands or exploring the beauty of Mexico on one of the many Loreto activities. From whale watching to hiking through the mountains, there’s…

Travel To Loreto Mexico With Your Pet
19/02/2019 - Destination

Travel to Loreto Mexico With Your Pet

Leaving a beloved pet at home while you travel is never fun and can be quite stressful for some animals. Pet travel from USA to Mexico is more common and easier than you might expect, which opens the doors for an exciting trip for you and your pet. To prepare to travel to Mexico with your pet, there are several things you should consider and prepare for. If you follow these steps for taking pets to Mexico on airlines, you can enjoy paradise with…

Playing Pickleball In Loreto Mexico Things To Do
19/04/2019 - Destination

Playing Pickleball in Loreto

Loreto Baja California Sur is a top destination where luxury and relaxation mingle on the pristine beaches of Mexico. At Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, your days will be filled with leisurely activities: sleeping in, walks on the beach, drinks by the pool, and playing games. Some of the newest additions to the Villa del Palmar Loreto all inclusive resort are the brand new pickleball courts. With the fresh sea breeze and warm sunshine…

Things To Do In Loreto Mexico Downtown Area
18/05/2019 - Destination

Things to do in Loreto Mexico - Downtown

One of Mexico’s charming pueblos magicos, or magical towns, Loreto Baja California Sur lies along the Sea of Cortez filled with stories of days long gone, flavorful authentic Mexican food, and treasures waiting to be discovered. If you’re looking for what to do in Loreto, downtown is the place to be. During your stay at Loreto Mexico resorts, the local charm of downtown Loreto will lure you from the beach to explore the city and find the top

What To Pack For A Loreto Mexico Vacation
18/06/2019 - Destination

What to Pack for a Loreto Mexico Vacation

Don’t let packing for your trips to Mexico at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto stress you out. The chaos of throwing things in a bag and panicking that you’ll forget something can steal your joy from preparing to stay at one of the best all inclusive resorts in Loreto Mexico. While you can’t relax on the beach with a margarita just yet, thinking through what to pack for an all inclusive Mexico vacation will put your mind at ease and…

Islands Of Loreto Mexico Flights To Loreto
30/07/2019 - Destination

Flights to Loreto Mexico - Why You Shouldn't Wait to Book

As summer begins to fill with baseball games, backyard BBQs, and lazy afternoons in a hammock, it’s also time to start making plans for getting to Loreto Mexico for a vacation in paradise. This growing destination inspires dreamy vacations with turquoise waters, historic streets, a stunning golf course, and luxurious all-inclusive resorts. It’s the ideal spot for a girls’ weekend, romantic getaway, golf trip, or family vacation. No matter what…

Four Easy Ways To Get To Loreto Baja California
05/08/2019 - Destination

4 Easy Ways to Get to Loreto Baja California

Loreto Mexico lies along the eastern coast of the Baja Peninsula where the sea is blue, the breeze is cool, and the streets are cobblestone. With luxury resorts and award-winning golf courses and spas, travelers from around the world are making their way to Loreto Baja California Sur every day. While the destination keeps its small-town charm, there are several travel options for how to get to Loreto Mexico.

As you set your sights on the Baja

Loreto Mexico Weather Throughout The Year
19/09/2019 - Destination

Loreto Mexico Weather Throughout the Year

It’s easy to assume that the weather never changes in paradise, but even Loreto Mexico has seasonal variations. While Loreto weather never gets truly cold, it is wise to consider the average temperatures as you make vacation plans and schedule in activities. All year long, you’ll be greeted by sunshine and an ocean breeze when you step off the plane, making a Loreto vacation the perfect idea in any month.


Winter in Loreto

Best Loreto Mexico Beaches
30/09/2019 - Destination

3 of the Best Loreto Mexico Beaches

Saltwater and sandy beaches bring tranquility and healing to the soul while providing families with space to run freely and play all day. Taking a holiday to the beaches in Loreto Mexico is an escape from the hustle and bustle of work and daily life. Here in paradise, you can slow down and stroll along the crashing surf, taking in views of the Islands of Loreto and perhaps even spotting humpback whales swimming out at sea.

Each of the Baja

Islands Of Loreto Bay Mexico
19/10/2019 - Destination

10 Reasons to Visit the Islands of Loreto Mexico

The perfect blend of tradition, charm, and luxury come together in Loreto, Mexico, making it the ultimate destination for discerning travelers. Nestled along the Sea of Cortez away from the crowds of tourists in other major Mexico destinations, the city shows off the beauty of Mexican culture and will welcome you with warm hospitality. Experience these 10 reasons to visit the Islands of Loreto Mexico for yourself on your next vacation.

1. Natural

The Best Resorts In Loreto Baja California Mexico
23/11/2019 - Destination

The Best Resorts in Loreto Baja California, Mexico

Baja California is known for its scenic beaches, luxury destinations, and laid back vibes. Miles of sandy beaches shaded by palm trees stretch towards the horizon, and the windows of elegant resorts and villas open up to views of paradise. On a Baja California vacation, you can kick off your shoes and walk along the shore before relaxing with a bucket of beers and fresh fish tacos. For many travelers, the best place for a Baja California vacation

Best Time To Visit Loreto Mexico
25/11/2019 - Destination

Best Time to Visit Loreto Mexico

Loreto Mexico is quickly becoming travelers’ favorite destination in Mexico for romantic getaways, family vacations, and golf buddy trips. As you start to plan your 2020 vacations, set your sights on the golden coasts of Loreto, where the Sea of Cortez sets the perfect backdrop for exploring the local culture and building memories. Before your calendar starts to fill up, take time to figure out the best time to visit Loreto Mexico.

Best time

Biking Outdoor Activities In Loreto Mexico
02/12/2019 - Destination

The 5 Best Things to Do in Loreto Baja California

In Loreto Mexico, the quiet charm of a seaside village meets modern luxuries. The city is one of Mexico’s top destinations that still feels like an undiscovered paradise. Away from the crowds of other major destinations, adventures are plentiful and there are countless things to do in Loreto Mexico that will take you into the heart of Baja California Sur Mexico. Whether you head towards the mountains or dive in the sea, you’ll discover more…

Fishing Season In Loreto
02/12/2019 - Destination

Fishing Season in Loreto Mexico

Loreto Mexico is a sportsman’s paradise. In the warm afternoon weather, travelers explore the great outdoors as they golf, hike, snorkel, and fish. The Sea of Cortez is famed for its marine life, teeming with tuna, marlin, and dorado, and there’s always great fishing in Loreto Baja Mexico. As the fishing seasons in Loreto Mexico change, different fish make their appearance in the crystalline water.

While you can head out on the water to fish all…

Things To Do In Loreto Mexico With Your Family
08/01/2020 - Destination

What Are the Best Things to Do in Loreto with Your Family?

Loreto Mexico is one of the most tranquil coastal destinations for families where you can enjoy the diverse beauty and culture of the country while escaping the crowds of major tourist towns. It’s maintained its small-town charm with friendly hospitality as new luxurious resorts and modern developments have become a part of the local community. For the best family vacation, Loreto is a safe and exciting choice. Whether your kids are grown or…

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