Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Bienvenidos (welcome!) to the historic town of Loreto. A place where you'll find historic buildings dotted with bright green plant life, exotic flowers bursting out of the concrete in fresh-fish taco stands, and the enchanting Mision de Loreto- a mission-style church that was built in 1697. While Loreto boasts a wealth of treasures on land, including opportunities for hiking, biking, and nature-tours that can fill up a camera with pictures of radiant natural setting, it is also a destination ideal for those who love the sea. The Islands of Loreto features Mexico's largest marine preserve where dolphins, seals, turtles and sea lions all play in the water. The underwater animal life alone rivals that of any world class aquarium. 

Villa Del Palmar Loreto

Where is Loreto located?

Loreto, Mexico is located on the eastern coast of the Baja California Peninsula in the state of Baja California Sur. The small coastal town, which is home to one of the oldest settlements in Mexican history,  is nestled on the shores of the Loreto Bay National Marine Park, a protected area almost 800 square miles around. The picturesque terrain includes the rolling hills of the Sierra de la Giganta mountains and the desert landscapes that blanket the coast. 

Villa Del Palmar Loreto

Loreto Top Attractions

  • Our Lady of Loreto Mission: The first successful Jesuit mission in Baja, Our Lady of Loreto is considered the head of all the missions in Baja California and Baja California Sur.
  • The Mission of San Javier: Founded in 1699, this is the second Jesuit mission established in the region.
  • TPC Danzante Bay: The only TPC Network golf course in Mexico, recognized for its stellar facilities and PGA Tour requirements.
  • The Islands of Loreto: Visiting the Islands of Loreto provides an adventure that is unique and memorable. Visit one, two, or discover them all.
  • Loreto Bay National Marine Park: The “Aquarium of the World” awaits you in Loreto, Mexico.
  • The Malecon in downtown Loreto: Visit the malecon in downtown where a stretch of beach and various shops come together.

Loreto’s Most Popular Beaches

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Ensenada Blanca
Ensenada Blanca

This beach, where Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto is located, is just a 30-minute drive south of Loreto. This stunning beach is loved by travelers for its soft sands, romantic ambiance, and picturesque views of Danzante Island. 

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Coronado Island
Coronado Beach

This brilliant white sand beach on Coronado Island in Loreto is ideal for those seeking seclusion and breathtaking vistas. It is also a great place to take a swim.

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Honeymoon Beach
Honeymoon Beach

A small strip of extremely private beach located on Danzante Island. 

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Main Beach
Main Beach

Conveniently located in the center of town near a number of coffee shops and cafes, this beach is popular among locals who like to spend the day playing in the sand, watching fishermen bring in the catch of the day, and swimming in the shallow waters. 

Loreto Weather

The beauty of Loreto is magnified by the Loreto weather, which is almost always ideal for the vacation state of mind. In the summer, visitors can expect higher temperatures, with lows in the 80s and highs nearing 100°F. In winter, temperatures cool off, hovering between the mid 60s to a very comfortable 85°F. Throughout most of the year, blue skies and sunshine prevail with a bit of rain showing up in the late summer months.

Loreto Time Zone

Baja California Sur, which includes Loreto, is located in the Mountain Standard Time Zone (GMT -7), the same as Edmonton, in Canada’s Alberta Province, and the city of Denver, Colorado in the United States.

Tours & Activities in Loreto

Loreto, Baja California Sur is without a doubt one of the most incredible destinations in Mexico for those who like to explore the world and experience its majestic nature. The diversified landscapes provide the backdrop for a great number of Loreto tours and activities that take place on both land and sea.

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