Experience the best of Loreto while participating in one of the many tours available to our guests. Whether you're sport fishing, exploring the Islands of Loreto, or discovering life beneath the sea, you'll be amazed.

Ocean Tours



Experience the thrill of your life as you explore the sea surrounding the magical Danzante Island on a 24 ft, speedy inflatable Apex vessel. Visit an array of nature’s secret wonders, which you are only able to experience at the Islands of Loreto. As you arrive on the beach, jump into a snorkeler’s paradise and inviting waters; also be sure to keep your eyes open for Baja bottlenose dolphins, manta rays, green sea turtles, and other unique marine life encounters.


PANGA 23 Ft.

Spend a day in full control of your own captained boat and fish for whatever catches your fancy. Indulge in sport fishing from your panga (skiff) and reel in the catch of the day. From Dorado “Mahi Mahi” to Yellow Tail(seasonal), cabrilla, sea bass, and more, this is your destination for the ultimate fishing experience.



Discover the “Aquarium of the World” at the Islands of Loreto. Along with one of the largest Marine Parks in the world, Loreto offers divers one of the most diverse aquatic ecosystems on the planet. The Islands themselves being volcanic in nature are marked by rocky shorelines, dynamic wall dives, huge underwater rock formations, and finger reefs of rock and coral that make diving here absolutely incredible. Advanced, as well as novice, divers are sure to find numerous locations to their liking, such as wreck dives on a Navy sunken minesweeper and dives in Punta Coyote, which both offer a rich diving experience and diverse marine life encounters.



Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING is for you. DIVE RESORT PADI at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto offers the best beginners program so that you can visit natural sites from island reef areas to natural coral banks filled with thousands of multicolored tropical fish. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to try scuba while you are on vacation at a spectacular dive destination such as Loreto.


Blue whales in Loreto - (Seasonal from January through March)

From mid-January to March, the Bay of Loreto becomes a wildlife watcher’s dream when migratory whales are visiting the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez for calving and breeding. This whale watching tour will provide casual, but magical encounters with Mother Nature’s largest animals. Discover the world´s most spectacular sightings today.


Discover the incredible underwater world surrounding Loreto by following our guide and kayaking alongside the resort’s beach to nearby coral reefs filled with multicolor tropical fish.


Enjoy nature at night

This tour offers a unique experience that allows you to enjoy nature night cruising aboard a paddle board. Together we’ll head towards the reef located in the south of Ensenada Blanca with LED lights connected to the bottom of our boards, illuminating the seabed and attracting the many species that can only be enjoyed during the afternoon and evening. Accompanied by an experienced guide, we offer a fun, safe, innovative, and interactive activity for our guests.


A snorkeler’s paradise!

Coronado island is home to great snorkeling next to beautiful, white, sandy beaches. It is also home to a large sea lion colony and one of the most visited islands due to its close proximity to Loreto. A snorkelers paradise! The turquoise waters surrounding the island offer outstanding visibility for those wishing to explore the sea bottom. The island itself is covered with rocky crags, except for the southeast corner which becomes a marine turtle sanctuary at certain times of the year. Female sea turtles swim to the beaches to lay their eggs. If you prefer to stroll around the island instead of relaxing at the beach under a “beach palapa,” you will find many species of animals and indigenous plant life. Our three-hour adventure doesn’t just stop at the beach, we take you for a lap around the island to see all the wildlife, including the sea lion colony.

Land Tours


Come and ride among landscapes that only Loreto Baja can offer! To get you started, we provide you with top brand protection gear such as goggles and a helmet along with the keys so that you can get a feeling for your single or two-passenger 420 cc TRX Honda Deluxe ATV. Professional pilots will guide you as you explore the beauty of this rugged environment, on stunning paths snaking between the mountains and Sea of Cortez on our Off-Road Runners tour.


The San Javier excursion into the past is a three-hour air-conditioned trip riding in the comfort of a modern Mercedes van. You will enjoy dazzling views while climbing into the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains. Visit the historic edifice of a fully standing ancient Jesuit mission. Stroll through the cobblestone streets of town, luscious fruit orchards, and the oldest olive garden in Baja. Afterward we travel back down the mountain roads to view the ancient cave paintings at “Cuevas Pintas.” Our journey into the past would not be complete without trying the unique tastes of delicious Mexican food, including handmade tortillas and fresh cheese from a local ranch. After touring the Mexican village, we will stop to enjoy a tasty lunch. Upon heading back to Loreto, we experience our best moment yet as we catch more panoramic sunset views.


Come and enjoy one of the most relaxing experiences in the Baja desert while admiring the Sierra la Giganta Mountain range and the Sea of Cortez in the distance. During the tour, our expert guide will show you our local and endemic flora and fauna, have a talk about the history of the people who lived in this region before the arrival of the missionaries, and explain how the life of the descendants was developed. The walk starts with a short introduction of the tour and a 10-minute horse management explanation. After leaving the meeting point, we head off to the desert, taking one of the oldest roads and crossing several canyons, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the Sierra la Giganta and Sea of Cortez. Our journey lasts approximately two and half hours, making a stop to have a cold drink or enjoy an energy bar. It is one of the best experiences in the Baja desert and definitely a must do on your list!


Come join us on an adventure to one of the most beautiful beach spots in Mexico! Turquoise waters and white sandy beaches blanket Conception Bay! Venture off on our Mulege Surf and Turf tour where you will explore the beach and learn about Baja culture and history on our visit to the Mission in town. Take in magnificent views of the Baja Desert, Sierra de la Giganta, and part of the Sierra de Guadalupe. On arrival to the town of Mulege, we take a light walk around the village, passing by the 3rd mission established in Baja California by the Jesuits, take in a panoramic view of the village, and enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant! Join us while we find beaches of white sand, hills of volcanic stone, and history filled with cobblestone streets and crystalline waters of turquoise color.


In the northern region of the State of Baja California Sur, there is the San Francisco Mountain range where there is one of the nuclei of cave paintings that abound throughout this area. Hundreds of years before the arrival of the Missioners, the inhabitants of the Baja California Peninsula organized in tribes of huntsmen. Most of the knowledge that we have from that time has been collected from the accurate reading of cave paintings. Join us for a time travel activity with our knowledgeable guides. Along the way you’ll enjoy beautiful landscapes that go from the imposing La Giganta mountain range to hundreds of hectares of fertile soil till we reach the meeting point where we will leave the van to start a 45-min walk into the heart of the mountains to discover the cave paintings. As we walk, your guide will explain details of the fauna and flora found there.


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