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While Hollywood movies and celebrity gossip have made destinations like Cabo San Lucas and Cancun world famous, Loreto, Mexico feels like a secret paradise where you can still immerse yourself in Mexican tradition and culture. Part of its charm comes from the fact that there aren’t crowds of tourists all over town, but that means fewer travelers around the world are aware of this incredible destination. With these frequently asked questions, you’ll learn what makes Loreto so unique.

Where is Loreto in Mexico?

Loreto Mexico is located in the state of Baja California Sur on Mexico’s west coast. It’s on the inside of the Baja Peninsula, facing the Sea of Cortez. While one side of the city faces the open water, the other is surrounded by the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains, giving travelers endless opportunities for adventure.

Is Loreto Open for Tourists?

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, countries enforced travel restrictions and closed borders, but Mexico has remained open to tourists. To enter the country and visit Loreto, you’ll only need to fill out a health questionnaire upon arrival. While there are plenty of preventive protocols in place, Loreto is open for tourists.

Is Loreto Mexico Safe to Visit in 2021?

Loreto is a quiet small town with very little crime, but when it comes to safety in 2021, most travelers are thinking about health and sanitation. When the pandemic first hit, resorts and restaurants shut down, giving the city a chance to research and plan for the best preventive protocols. With these in place, Loreto has very low COVID numbers, and by following local guidelines, you’ll have a safe and secure vacation.

Does Loreto Have an Airport?

Loreto, Mexico has an international airport (Code: LTO) which has opened the city up to all sorts of travelers. Every day, both domestic and international flights connect paradise to the rest of the world, and while it’s not a big place, the airport is quick and efficient, making travel seamless.

What Airlines Service Loreto?

Not every airline flies to Loreto, but the list of which ones offer service to Loreto is always growing. From the US, catch a flight with Alaska or American Airlines, and WestJet connects Canada to Loreto. You can also make your travel plans with a connection in Mexico via Calafia Airlines or Volaris. 

CitiesAirlinesFlight TimesConnections
San FranciscoAlaska Airlines2h 40m
Los Angeles
Alaska Airlines
1h 58m
San Diego - Tijuana
Volaris and Calafia 1h 45m
American Airlines
3h 8m
American Airlines
2h 4m
3h 59m
La PazVolaris and Calafia

Can you Drive to Loreto?

Flights into Loreto’s international airport make it easy to take a quick getaway, but some travelers prefer taking the time to drive down the Baja Peninsula and have their car to get around Loreto. The 16 hours of this scenic route from San Diego is usually split into two days of driving. Once you’re in Loreto, you can drive around the city and out to historic sites tucked into the mountains.

Is Loreto Nice?

Loreto is the ideal spot for a beach vacation. It’s surrounded by natural beauty, and while there’s plenty of tourist attractions and excursions, it still has a quaint small-town charm. As you walk through the plaza by the church and stroll the cobblestone streets, you’ll hear neighbors greeting each other and sharing news, making you feel safe and welcomed.

Can you Swim in Loreto?

At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the waters around Cabo San Lucas have strong currents that make swimming dangerous, but up the coast, Loreto is surrounded by calm, smooth waters. It’s a tranquil area, and with an abundance of sea life, travelers love snorkeling and scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez.

What is Loreto Mexico Known For?

Loreto is known for many things, especially for being the first permanent Spanish settlement in the Californias. In the local mission and museum, you’ll see this history for yourself, and when you look out over the sea, you’ll see rugged mountain islands rising up from the water: the Islands of Loreto. Sail out to the islands, and explore them by hiking and snorkeling. From here or from the mainland, you might spot majestic whales breaching the surface of the water during their winter migration to the coast of Mexico. One unique way to take in view of the Sea of Cortez is from the lookout points of TPC Danzante Bay, one of the country’s top golf courses. On land, one of the main attractions is the downtown, which is considered a Pueblo Mágico, a Magical Town, an official title given by the government to cities that have maintained their local culture and traditions. 

What is There to See in Loreto?

While you could easily spend your vacation laying in a hammock and relaxing in the pool, there are several attractions you won’t want to miss. Take a whale watching trip or scuba diving excursion to see all sorts of marine life up close. Some other unique things to see include ancient cave paintings, the Islands of Loreto, and the downtown mission. 

Where Should I Stay in Loreto?

Mexican culture is known for its warm hospitality, and two of the best places to stay in Loreto are Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto and Hotel Santa Fe. In addition to pristine and modern comforts, these resorts have world-class service with friendly hospitality. Each one has its own attractions, so be sure to explore both options before booking your vacation.

Where are the Best Places to Eat in Loreto? 

The highlight of vacationing in Mexico is sampling the country’s famous cuisine, and in Loreto, you’ll find authentic Mexican food and fresh seafood. Sea Cafe Loreto is one of the most popular places to start your day, and when you need to cool off with a craft beer, head to El Zopilote Brewing. As the city developed, the local cuisine has grown to include restaurants from around the world. Casa Mia, a fine Italian restaurant, is an award-winning choice for a romantic dinner. 

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