Tips for Planning Your Buddy Golf Trip

The best golf trips for guys are buddy trips, when you travel with friends to challenge yourself with uninterrupted time on a new course. Along the way, you’ll push each other to play better and spend quality time on and off the course.  If you’re getting ready to head out on your first golf trip or preparing to lead one, read up on these buddy golf trip games and ideas to have the trip of a lifetime.

1. Plan Your Golf Trip with Friends in Advance

The best buddies golf trips take months of preparation. If you and your friends can all agree on dates, you’ll each have to ask for time off of work, check with partners, and arrange transportation. Don’t wait until the last minute only to find out that one of your buddies can’t get out of work on those days. Planning early can also help you score deals on transportation, lodging, and golf packages, making it easier for everyone to commit to buddy golf trips.

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2. Set a Tone for Your Golf Trip with Friends

Before taking off, start to set a tone for the trip. All buddy golf trips are unique, so setting a tone helps each player adjust their expectations. Are you planning a trip with multiple rounds of golf each day with strict rules, competitive buddy golf trip games, and steep wagers? Or are you planning on playing each day but also enjoying other activities in the destination? When everyone knows what to expect on the trip, things will go much smoother.

3. Wager a Friendly Bet

For many players, the best golf trip game ideas are those that put a price on the competition. Since you’ll be playing a variety of buddy golf trip games, make sure the wagers each day keep everyone in the game. Play a skins game where the winner of each hole takes the pot, compete for the best ball, or play in teams for an overall best score. Placing a bet on these buddy golf trip games motivates each person to play their best, and improving your overall game is part of what makes up the best golf trips for guys.

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4. Mix Up the Competition for Your Golf Trip

Some groups of friends prefer to mix things up with more creative golf trip game ideas, and betting on something like an ugly plaid jacket or caddying for the other team drives competition but without so much pressure as monetary bets. However, sometimes one of the best golf trip game ideas is to simply play for the fun of it. When you’re playing through a new course for the first or last time on buddy golf trips, sometimes it’s best to take it slow and soak up the breathtaking views before you tee off.

5. Spend Time Off the Golf Course

Memories of the best golf trips for guys are often made off the course. Traveling to a foriegn destination opens the doors to a variety of other activities. Explore the local culture, and try out other sports, like kayaking, scuba diving, or mountain biking. No matter how you fill each day, slowing down over a delicious dinner and round of beer is the best way to refuel for another day of golf. Taking time for new experiences off the course helps old friends reconnect and new friends grow closer, and that’s what makes for the best buddies golf trips.

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Planning out the best buddies golf trips takes time, from choosing a date to setting up partners for each competition. Rather than just winging it and hoping everyone gets along, do the prep work to set expectations and plan a variety of games. This way, at the end of the trip, you’ll arrive home with stronger skills and deeper connections with your buddies. 

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