Planning Your Vow Renewal in Loreto

Marriage is about love and commitment, care and understanding, and while some might think longevity in matrimony is easy to come by, those who have lasted the test of time know that it takes hard work and dedication. Honoring the promises you made on your wedding day should be a daily occurance, but celebrating them with a vow renewal ceremony may only happen once in a lifetime, which is why it is important to put your best foot forward when planning. If you’re thinking of a destination vow renewal, follow our advice for creating the ultimate vow renewals in Mexico.

1. Find your why and let it inspire your day!

Whether this is your first wedding anniversary or your 50th, it may be time to have a vow renewal ceremony, but only you and your spouse can truly decide if it’s time. Vow renewals in Mexico can serve to reignite the passion in your relationship, help you relive a memorable moment, or simply celebrate your love in a destination where romance floats on the air. Once you’ve figured out why, allow it to inspire the rest of your destination vow renewal. 

2. Choose a location that is both beautiful and unique

There are a number of popular destinations in Mexico to choose from, each offering a unique touch that will add to the nostalgia of your destination vow renewal. Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, for example, is an excellent location for a romantic and memorable ceremony. The grounds of the all-inclusive resort look out on awe-inspiring vistas that include the undulating hills of the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains, the Islands of Loreto that pepper the Sea of Cortez, and the greens of TPC Danzante Bay, the country’s only TPC golf course. 

3. Set the date!

Some people opt to renew their vows on their original wedding anniversary, others choose to pick a new day and make it special, whichever you choose, remember that an important part of picking out a vow renewal ceremony date is ensuring that it is a good time to visit the destination of your choice. 

4. Opt for a wedding or vow renewal package

If you are planning an event in a destination such as Loreto, opt for a wedding or vow renewal package. Some of the best all inclusive resorts have destination wedding packages that can be modified to fit the needs of your vow renewal ceremony and they come with incredible rates. Visit your favorite resorts website and check out what they have to offer. 

5. Choose who will accompany you on your big day

You might decide to venture off on a romantic destination vow renewal for two, or you could decide to bring along family and friends, whichever you choose is more than okay, the day is yours and it’s your love story to write. If you are planning to invite others though, look for a destination that will suit the varied interests of those around you. You may even include sunset sailing tours, daytime adventures, and poolside fun into your itinerary to make even more memories during your vow renewals in Mexico. 

6. Spend some time writing heartfelt vows for the one you love

Expressing yourself in front of others may not be the easiest thing to do, but if you’re going to renew your vows, they should come from the heart. Sit down and write a list of all the things you love about your spouse, magical moments you’ve shared, and how you’d like to continue honoring the commitment you’ve made to one another. Use what you write to inspire your new vows and leave everyone in attendance feeling the love. 

7. Contact a Wedding Planner

Add your own touches to your vow renewal ceremony and enlist the help of certified wedding planners who will know exactly how to help you make your wishes come true. There is no better way to ensure your day is perfectly yours than by hiring someone who knows how to pull out all the stops. Certified wedding planners will be able to suggest ways to enhance the moment, and they’ll be there to ensure you and your guests are completely satisfied with the experience. 

Renewing your vows is one of the most romantic ways to honor your love and when done right, it can only add to the magic of matrimony. 

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