What to Expect from the Climate of Loreto Mexico Month by Month

Weather in Loreto, Mexico is one of the best qualities of the area having hot summers and cool winters with a fairly dry climate year round. If you are a sun and heat lover, July through September will have you basking in ninety-degree weather that can inch near the three digits. If that weather in Loreto Mexico sounds a bit too extreme, then consider visiting as a snowbird, escaping your own cold weather for the more mild November through February.

What Type of Climate Does Loreto Have?

Loreto Mexico weather is considered tropical desert being hot and humid with lots of sunshine, but the winter months can be chilly, especially at night. While July, August, and September can be in the high nineties, the months of December, January, and February are considered winter with daily highs in the seventies and nights that can dip into the low fifties. 

How Often Does it Rain in Loreto?

Weather in Loreto Mexico can be confusing as most of the year is dry, summer heat, but the rains do show up around mid-July and run through the month of October. Statistically, September has the most rain having 1.8 inches as the average rainfall. While the Loreto Mexico weather during these months is not overly inviting, nearly nine months of the year is dry and sunny with some scattered cloud cover. 

How Hot is it in Loreto?

Yet, some like it hot, and if that’s you, then Loreto Mexico weather is best enjoyed from the beginning of June through the end of September. You will enjoy average daily temperatures in the nineties with bright, hot sunshine and mostly cloudless days with some humidity. The nights will continue this warm trend staying in the mid-seventies to mid-eighties. Just the right amount of heat to sleep with your windows open!

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Loreto?

So when it comes to weather in Loreto Mexico, you may be wondering when is the best time to plan out your vacation. This all depends on your heat and cold preferences. January has seen night temperatures dip all the way into the low forties! 

January, February, and March will have average daily highs in the mid-fifties to mid-seventies with little to no rain. 

April, May, and June see that heating up just a bit with highs in the mid-sixties to low-nineties with a few more cloudy days getting closer to June. 

July, August, and September is going to be hot, humid, and wet with temperatures staying in the mid to high nineties and lows not going much past mid to high seventies. On the up side, the rain is a warm and often pleasant reprieve from the heat. 

October, November, and December is a mixed bag. While October will still have some rain, the weather in Loreto, Mexico just keeps getting better at that point. Mid-nineties in October starts dropping to highs in the mid-seventies come December and the lows go all the way to the fifties making November through March some of the very best months to plan your trip to Loreto!

Average Monthly Rainfall in Loreto

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