Tips for Traveling to Mexico with a Baby

Traveling to Mexico with kids can be both an exhilarating experience and a terrifying adventure at the same time. Not only are you in a new environment, but kids make everything in life more complicated, not just trips to Mexico. If you’re brave enough to take a Mexico vacation, being prepared is the best way to ensure you all have a good time and when you do, you’ll likely find that the smile on their faces as they explore their new surroundings makes it all worth the hassle. Before you head out on your next Mexico family vacation, take a minute to read through the following advice, you’ll be happy you did. 

1. Wait until takeoff for breastfeeding or bottle feeding on a plane

If you’ve ever flown on an airplane then you know how important it can be for your personal comfort to keep your eardrums equalized during your flight. To ease a baby through the process, wait until you’re about to take off to breast or bottle feed. The sucking motion will help them release the pressure in their ears. If you absolutely cannot wait to feed your child, make sure to bring a pacifier or allow them the comfort of your boob during take off and landing to keep their ears from being plugged up. 

2. Bring everything you need for feeding your baby

That includes the bottles you use, the formula your baby is accustomed to, and the supplies you need for cleaning bottles on the go. While it may surprise you, the variety of formula in Mexico is limited compared to other countries in the world, which could become a huge problem for you on your Mexico family vacations if switching to a new formula upsets your baby’s delicate stomach. Your best bet is to come prepared.

3. Bring a fold-up travel stroller and/or baby carrier

Bring a fold-up travel stroller and/or baby carrier, instead of your standard car seat stroller. Lugging around a huge stroller isn’t the best option for trips to Mexico. Most of the time, you won’t be able to push the strollers along the cobblestone streets or fit it into the taxies as you move about on your Mexico vacation. A baby carrier will allow you to enjoy your surroundings on hikes through the mountains, strolls along the beach, and everything in between.

4. Take advantage of baby equipment rentals

It is easier than ever to travel to Mexico with a baby because you don’t have to pack up a number of bulky items to go with you. Find a service in your destination that offers crib, stroller, high-chair, and baby gate rentals so that you have everything you need without the hassle of lugging it all down with you. 

5. Prepare a bag of goodies ahead of time

Remember that entertainment doesn’t come free when traveling to Mexico with kids. Figuring out how to entertain a toddler on a plane can be a full-time job, but if you prepare a bag of goodies ahead of time, it will make your life easier. Pack items that don’t include a lot of pieces that can accidentally be dropped, like a magnetic puzzle, travel coloring book with markers that clip into place, or a few search and find books that will keep them happy for hours.

6. Pack your own sunscreen

Many people are particular about the products they put on their babies skin, so when you’re traveling to Mexico with kids, pack the sunscreen you like because you won’t likely find the same brands or the same variety you would in other countries. 

7. Bring lightweight clothing

Bring lightweight clothing, a sunhat, and some baby sunglasses on your Mexico vacation. It can be miserable to watch your baby overheat, which is why you’ll want lightweight options during the day and sleep sacks at night. It’s also very important to protect a baby’s head and eyes from the bright Mexican sun, so bring a few hats and a pair of sunglasses to keep them shaded during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Traveling to Mexico with a Baby

1. What age can babies travel to Mexico?

Typically airlines will deny boarding to babies younger than 2 weeks of age, but some will allow you to fly with your baby as young as 7 days old. The hardest part about traveling to Mexico with a baby is getting the paperwork completed so that you have all your documentation in order for traveling abroad with a child. 

2. Is it safe to travel to Mexico with a baby?

Yes! It is very safe to visit Mexico with children, even babies. The only thing to consider is coming prepared with the right amount of formula and that you use purified drinking water when making bottles.

3. Do children need passports traveling to Mexico?

If you are traveling by air, everyone of every age needs a passport to get into the country. On land and sea, a birth certificate for children under the age of 16 will do. 

4. What should I know about food and water safety in Mexico?

Many people get sick when consuming tap water in Mexico because of certain bacteria that foreigners aren’t accustomed to. To avoid this, stick to purified drinking water for consumption, when brushing your teeth, or when cooking on your Mexico family vacation. Most resorts will already be working to alleviate the problem by using an onsite filtration system throughout the resort grounds. 

5. Do I need to bring baby food to Mexico?

That depends on how picky you are about what your child eats. If you feed your child a specific brand of premade baby food, you’ll likely want to bring down a supply because it will be difficult to find the same options at the local grocery stores. Keep in mind, however, soft avocados and bananas can easily be spooned off and fed to a baby at any time, and vegetables can easily be cooked and served in the kitchen of your suite at most Mexican resorts

Trips to Mexico can be a great way to get in some quality time with your little ones while exploring new surroundings that everyone will love. With some solid planning and a mission to stay relaxed, these may be some of the best memories you’ll make with your loved one. 

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