The Best Type of Bait Depends on the Type of Fish

For sportsmen, deep sea fishing offers the thrill of being out on the open waters and the competition of seeking the biggest catch. If you’re traveling to Loreto Mexico, it’s a great way to see more of the ocean and spend a day in the fresh air. Throughout the year, different types of fish appear in the water as temperatures rise and fall. Depending on what type of fish you’re after, you’ll need specific bait. By checking what fish are in season in Loreto and packing the best fishing bait for those species, you’ll have a successful day at sea. 


Despite being one of the most popular dishes for dinner, mahi-mahi will put up a fight, so having the right bait is important. Ballyhoo rigs are the best fishing bait to lure in mahi-mahi, but sardines, squid, and crab work too. Once you’ve spotted the fish hanging around weedy areas or floating driftwood, cast your lure. Mahi-mahi loves grabbing flying fish, so let your bait whisk and bounce across the water. Once caught, their thick, colorful bodies are the ultimate trophy.  

Fishing Mahi Mahi Loreto Mexico


Tuna fish are not picky eaters, so when it comes to bait, almost anything will work. In a pinch, some fishermen will even use a simple piece of wood to attract tuna. The trick to hooking a tuna fish is getting its attention. By chumming the water, you’ll soon be able to spot tunas. From here, any bait from bluerunners to mullet will get them biting. One trick for catching tuna is to match the bait in accordance with the season. Since different smaller fish are in the water at different times of the year, this will create a natural attraction, but for tuna, almost any type of bait will do.

Ballyhoo Rigs Fishing Bait


For sportsmen, sailfish are one of the most iconic catches with their large dorsal fins and pointed bills. Like mahi-mahi, sailfish usually target fish that are jumping and swimming right at the water’s surface, so using a kite is a good trick for catching them. Both live bait and lures can attract sailfish, so test out a couple different ones to make your catch. If you’re aiming to catch a sailfish, keep in mind that other fish are attracted to the same bait, so you’ll likely end up with a couple different big catches.   

Sierra Mackerel

Here on Mexico’s west coast, sierra mackerel are abundant for most of the year. These fish are attracted to shiny fish, so you’ll want casting spoons that sparkle like glass minnows and sardines. Bait your lure with minnows, mullet, squid, or even shrimp to make your catch. While they may not look as iconic as other fish, the mackerel can grow quite long and be cooked into juicy fish tacos.   

Sardines Fishing Bait

To make the most of deep sea fishing on vacation, you’ll want to plan ahead based on what type of fish is in season and what type of bait they’re attracted to. However, since most fish are attracted to multiple types of bait, you never start your day really knowing what you’ll bring home in the end. However, planning out your bait will help you target specific catches since the best fishing bait depends on the type of fish.   

Loreto Fishing Season

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