Must-Try Cocktail Recipes for that Vacation Feeling at Home

When you’re dining at the Villa del Palmar Loreto restaurants and lounging by the pool, the fresh ingredients and unique combinations in the resort’s specialty cocktails will refresh and dazzle your taste buds. Even after you’ve returned home, the memory of these flavors will stick with you, so rather than reaching for your usual beer or wine, mix up one of the resort’s creative cocktails in your own kitchen. With these drink recipes, you’ll be savoring that vacation feeling right at home.

1. OPS

Mango, basil, and lime take your usual gin and tonic up a notch with fruity flavors that transport you back to the tropical paradise of Loreto. To truly feel the vacation vibes, use fresh mango and squeeze your own lime juice.



Muddle the basil leaves with the lime juice at the base of your glass. Pour in the gin, mango liquor, simple syrup, and mango cubes. Fill the glass with tonic water. Stir and serve over ice.

2. Lumato

On a hot day at the beach, relaxing with a Lumato at one of the Villa del Palmar Loreto restaurants is the ideal way to cool off with a touch of heat. When you’re home on a summer day, the fresh juice and spice of the Lumato will instantly take you back to the beaches of Mexico.



In a blender, combine the cucumber slices, the jalapeño without any seeds or veins, basil leaves, lemon juice, Sprite, vodka, and some ice. Blend until everything is liquefied together. Rim your glass with tajin, pour, and garnish with an additional cucumber slice.

3. Maiia Chiringuito

Tequila is Mexico’s world-famous liquor, and on your Mexico beach vacation, you’ll want to spend your days sipping tequila in fresh cocktails. Mix up the Maiia Chiringuito to savor the tropical citrus flavors of the beach with Mexico’s tequila blanco.



In a glass, muddle the peppermint leaves with the orange slices. Add in the white tequila, simple syrup, orange juice, and mineral water. Mix together, and serve with ice.

4. Bob Marley

While you bury your toes in the sands of Loreto or dream of returning to Mexico, listen to Bob Marley’s music and sip this signature cocktail. Like his music, this cocktail is tropical and relaxing. Its combination of colors, flavors, and spirits make it an unforgettable cocktail for a summer day.



Mix the rum, vodka, gin, tequila, and orange juice in a glass with ice. Without mixing any further, add the green mint liquor so that it floats on top. Top it off with the red grenadine syrup, creating layers in the colors of the Jamaican flag, a symbol typically associated with Bob Marley and his music.

5. Tequilajito 

The smokiness of roasted pineapple and the crisp freshness of mint create a surprising combination that’s tropical and delicious. With Mexico’s signature tequila, it captures the warmth of Mexican culture and the bold cuisine of the Villa del Palmar Loreto restaurants. 



Once you’ve grilled the pineapple, marinate two triangular slices with the lemon juice and mint leaves. Separately, mix together the tequila, simple syrup, and pineapple juice. Combine and serve with ice. Garnish with an additional slice of pineapple for an extra smoky touch.

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