How to Improve Your Golf Swing

No matter how experienced of a golfer you are, there’s always room for improvement, but knowing how to improve your golf swing can be challenging. Your swing is the fundamental part of the game, and teeing off with a powerful swing right on target sets you up for a successful round of golf. Before your next match, take time to practice your swing with analysis, exercise, and drills, and in no time, a better swing will be second nature. As you make your plans for practicing, use these golf swing tips for powerful performance.

1. Watch Yourself Play

While the pros can easily rewatch old games on TV, you’ll need some help to rewatch your swing, but taking a tip from the pros and watching your swing can lead to big results. As you watch your video, pause to analyze your body’s position. At the top of your swing, look to see if your dominant forearm is parallel with your spine while your other arm is straight. One of the little golf swing tips that can really change your strike is to look at the hinge in your wrist. At the top of your swing, they should already be making a 90° angle. Paying attention to these little details is only possible when you record and pause a video, but it’s the best way to improve your golf swing. 

2. Get Physically Fit

You can follow all the best golf swing tips, but experienced players know that swinging isn’t just in your arms. It’s a full-body movement. If you’re really looking for how to improve your golf swing, you’ll have to work on your overall fitness. Lunges and planks are great golf swing exercises to build muscle strength for powerful drives, and adding twists into these moves helps keep your joints loose and limber. As you become stronger, you’ll notice more range in your swing and more power behind your club.

3. Practice Drills

Once you’ve built up strength and seen the weakness in your swing, there are drills you can do to improve your game. One way to make sure you’re focusing on how to improve your golf swing is to pause at the top of your swing and count to three, making sure everything is aligned. Another drill that will help your swinging position is to practice with your feet together. Taking shots like this will help improve your balance, and as you move back to your normal position, you’ll find greater overall strength balanced throughout your body. In a cack-handed drill, you switch your hands, so your dominant hand is on top. This forces your front arm to stay straight while the back one tucks in. There are also golf swing exercises that will help improve your aim. Use a second club on the ground that’s pointed towards your target. Square your toes and hips up with this line before swinging. Adding these drills into your practice is the best way to improve your golf swing. 

Having a powerful swing that drives the ball down the fairway is key to a strong game. However, getting to that point takes practice and a variety of golf swing exercises. While there are no shortcuts to becoming a better athlete, taking time and having the patience to practice these tips is the best way to improve your golf swing. 

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