Published on 22/02/2019

Rave Reviews as "Mexico's Newest Must-Play"

Rave Reviews As Mexicos Newest Mustplay

Randy Williams, writer for GolfPlus Magazine, recently reviewed TPC Danzante Bay, leaving behind rave reviews for the Loreto golf course. In the four-page spread, which begins on page 58 of the February edition (page 52 of the online viewer), Williams describes the elements at TPC Danzante Bay that make it "Mexico's Newest Must-Play." In his words its the "scenery and playability" of the course that make it the ideal destination for a round of golf. "It is a layout where one can golf year-round in a playerfriendly setting that brings into play many natural components including the desert, mountains, waters and canyons." For more information about the course and the golf resort, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, check out Williams piece here:

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