5 Ways to Protect Your Skin While Traveling

With all the excitement of traveling, it’s easy to overlook your own health, but if you don’t think about how to take care of your skin while traveling, you’ll return home with a dry and tired face. Maintaining and even using extra skin care tips while traveling can actually make your trip more relaxing and indulgent, and with these five travel skincare essentials and practices, you’ll look as relaxed and rejuvenated when you head home as you felt while lounging on the beach.

1. Stay Hydrated

Every day, drinking water is the key to healthy looking skin, and this is even more relevant on vacation. The air on planes is typically much dryer, and vacationing typically means a few more cocktails and glasses of wine. Drinking a few extra glasses of water each day is one of the best skin care tips while traveling. To make this a reality, begin and end your day with a glass of water, and be sure to alternate between alcoholic drinks and fresh water for the best travel skincare routine.

2. Pack Travel Skincare Essentials

In some ways, how to take care of your skin while traveling should look similar to what you do at home, and that means that your travel skincare essentials includes your regular products. Don’t rely on hotel products. Instead, pack the soaps and serums that are right for you. You should also create a travel skincare kit with extra products to help you through airports and transportation. Use a lip balm with SPF to stay hydrated and protected, and have a small pack of cooling face wipes that you can use wherever you go. 

3. Maintain Your Routine

If your travel skincare kit contains your usual products, you can maintain your daily routine on vacation. While late nights and lazy mornings make it easy to fall out of healthy habits, regularly washing your face and applying moisturizer is the best option for how to take care of your skin while traveling. Since vacationing often gives you extra free time for the best travel skincare, indulge in face masks and treatments while lounging in your resort suite, and you’ll look relaxed and healthy in all your vacation photos. 

4. Use Sunblock

While sunblock is likely part of your regular skincare routine, it’s something that needs to be increased while traveling and spending more time outside. In addition to your daily moisturizer with SPF, pack both a sunblock designed for your face and sun lotion for your body. Applying it all 15 minutes before heading out and setting a timer to remind you to reapply it every two hours are the most important skin care tips while traveling if you want to avoid going home with a sunburn or just want to avoid premature aging. 

5. Visit the Spa

For the best travel skincare, let the professionals lend a hand, and book yourself a day at the spa. Their expertise will guide you to the right treatments for your skin and body. Their facials and body treatments are designed to remove dead skin and expel toxins, and the products in these treatments will leave your fresh skin completely hydrated. Taking time for this deep cleansing and healing is perfect when you slow down on vacation.

With a full travel skincare kit and tips for staying healthy, you’ll look fresh and renewed after your vacation, and by avoiding the damages of traveling and spending more time outside, your skin will maintain its elasticity and clarity. 

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