The Benefits of Getting a Couples Massage

Getting a massage together is one of the best things you can do as a couple to relieve stress, promote intimacy, and enhance your general wellbeing. It is a wholly underrated activity that has a number of benefits, especially when the flames of your relationship need rekindling. The next time you plan a date with the one you love, consider a scintillating massage for couples that allows you to reap the benefits of a highly relaxing and connected activity.

Is a couples massage a good idea?

A couple's massage is a terrific option when you want to enliven your relationship, rekindle the romance, or just rest in a very calm, private setting with your significant other. If you've never had a couple’s massage before, it's a terrific chance for you both to experience the exhilaration of trying something new and it comes with a number of benefits. It is an absolutely wonderful way to spend time together. After your massage, you'll no doubt feel closer and more at ease, and you'll probably be eager to go on more adventures as a pair.

What are the benefits of a couple’s massage?

1. Boost your mood. First and foremost, a massage can boost your mood and make you more loving with those around you by stimulating particular hormones in your body, including oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin.

2. Feel less stressed. Because of this, you’ll likely feel less stressed, less anxious, and more open to receiving love from your partner.

3. Enhanced sexual apetite. You may additionally experience an enhanced sexual apetite. The hormones released during a massage not only serve to make you feel good, but they also serve to increase your sexual desire, a huge benefit for couples wishing to rekindle the romance in their relationship.

4. It’s a Learning Experience. Finally, getting a massage together gives you the chance to learn from the experience, especially if you take note of what you liked and share it with your partner. If you both do the same, it may lead to more sensual experiences in which you give each other a massage.

Overall, the benefits of a couples massage are plentiful. 

What type of massage is best for couples?

Swedish, deep-tissue, aromatherapy, and reflexology massages are said to be ideal for couples undergoing treatments together. This is because the tranquil atmosphere of these sorts of massages heightens the closeness in the room, giving lovers an incredible way to connect. These couples massages are renowned for their calming effects, one that allows clients to release oxytocin, better known as the “love hormone,” which causes love to physically float in the air, strengthening the bonds between partners.

What is done in a couple’s massage?

Couple’s massages are usually done in the privacy of a double spa treatment cabin, where two professional therapists work simultaneously, one on each partner. Couple’s treatments often begin even before the massage starts with aromatherapy, and in some cases, a hydrotherapy circuit, that heightens the experience for the pair. Certain spas seek to make their services unique by adding in special settings for their couple’s, including in jacuzzis, on private terraces, or with diverse inclusions, such as chocolate-covered strawberries or sparkling champagne. 

The next time you plan a date, are on vacation, or simply want to spice up your relationship, schedule a couple’s massage. It is a guaranteed way to elevate the romance and enjoy the company of the one you love. 

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