Coronado Island, a Gem in Loreto’s Landscape

People flock to the coasts of Cancun for the turquoise waters and tropical vibes, but if more people knew about the gems that lie in the Sea of Cortez, it would quickly become Mexico’s newest go-to vacation destination. Coronado Island, which lies just off the shores of Loreto Mexico, provides the stunning crystalline blue waters that attract travelers to Riviera Maya, but without the crowds, rowdy spring breakers, and tourist traps that detract from paradise. Among the five main islands to pepper the Loreto Bay National Park, visiting Coronado Island is an adventure everyone should embark upon. 

Where is Coronado Island?

Coronado Island sits in the Sea of Cortez on Mexico’s west coast in between the Baja California Peninsula and the mainland, just 25 minutes from the quaint town of Loreto, Mexico. While it isn’t a place you can stay overnight, unless you have a camping permit, it is a beach you’ll want to visit when vacationing in Loreto. 

How to Get to Coronado Island

Most people who visit Coronado Island do so by way of an island tour. There are a number of different tour companies that offer their services, all taking you on a boat ride to circumvent the island to see the varied marine life that lives there, to snorkel in the crystal clear waters swarming with schools of fish, sea turtles, and mantas, before stopping off on the white sand beaches where you can relax and explore. The boat ride to the island takes about 30 minutes from Loreto Mexico, but it’s filled with opportunities to see dolphins, whales, sea lions, and more, making it well worth your while. 

Coronado Island tour by Wild Loreto.

Coronado Island tour by Loreto tours.

What is there to do on Coronado Island?

For those looking for unique adventures to fill their days, Coronado Island offers the best on land and sea. While on the island, you can partake in bird watching, hiking, and sunbathing, or you can spend your day snorkeling, swimming, and splashing around in the turquoise waters surrounding the virgin beach. Part of what makes an island tour to Isla Coronado such a popular activity for those visiting Loreto Mexico is the stunning views, serene relaxation, and virgin beach experience that is hard to find these days. On Coronado Island, you won’t find stores, restaurants, or hordes of people, but the island itself is home to blue-footed boobies, the birds made famous when Charles Darwin explored the Galapagos Islands, a herd of sea lions that inhabit the backside of the island, and numerous species of fish and other marine life. 

What should I bring on a Coronado Island tour?

If you are heading out on a Coronado Island tour, the first thing you’ll want to do is check with your tour company. They may provide some of the essentials for a day on the island, including food, beverages, and snorkeling equipment. Regardless, you’ll want to bring eco-friendly sunscreen, a sun hat and sunglasses, your bathing suit, and shoes comfortable enough for a short walk. You may want to bring along a wind breaker or light jacket for early morning boat rides, and a towel for lounging in the sun and drying off after exploring the Loreto Bay National Park. The most important item for your trip should definitely be a camera to capture all the memorable moments you’ll have.

Visiting Coronado Island when traveling to Loreto Mexico is an absolute must. Whether you’re up for an adventure or simply want to enjoy the Caribbean-like beauty in the Sea of Cortez, this is the tour for you. 

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