Things to Know Before You Go to Loreto Mexico

Loreto Mexico isn’t a major cruise port or a spring-break party destination, but its tranquil shores and luxurious resorts are making it an increasingly popular choice for discerning travelers who want to escape the crowds and discover paradise. However, many people still don’t know where is Loreto Mexico located and how safe is Loreto Mexico, and while crime can happen anywhere in the world at any time, it’s one of the most secure places in Mexico to visit. As you become familiar with where to stay, what to do, and where to eat in Loreto Mexico, you’ll feel confident and at home on this golden coast.

Where is Loreto Mexico Located?

Loreto is located in the eastern coast of the Baja California Peninsula, a little more than 310 miles (508 km) north of Cabo San Lucas. On this coast, this quiet city looks out over the Sea of Cortez, but with the Loreto International Airport, travelers from around the world can discover the beauty of the Baja Peninsula.

Is Loreto Mexico Safe?

Because some areas of Mexico struggle with gang violence and petty crime, most travelers want to know is Loreto Mexico safe to visit before booking a flight. No city in the world is entirely free from accidents and crime, but visiting a small coastal town where everyone greets each other by name gives travelers a peace of mind. As you meet local residents and become familiar with the cobblestone streets, you’ll feel at home and no longer wonder “Is Loreto Mexico safe?”

Town Of Loreto In Baja Sur Mexico

What Airlines Fly to Loreto Mexico?

How to fly to Loreto Mexico becomes easier every year as more travelers seek to get away to paradise. On the list of what airlines fly to Loreto Mexico, Alaska Airlines is one of the top providers of daily flights to and from the Loreto International Airport, American Airlines now offers direct flights to Loreto through the Dallas Fort-Worth and Phoenix airports. During the winter, West Jet offers seasonal flights from Calgary for those looking for how to fly to Loreto Mexico to escape the icy northern winds. The list of what airlines fly to Loreto Mexico also includes domestic Mexican flights on Calafia Airlines and Volaris, giving you more options for how to fly to Loreto Mexico from other major Mexican destinations.

Alaska AirlinesLos Angeles - Loreto | Loreto - Los Angeles
American Airlines

Phoenix - Loreto | Loreto - Phoenix

Dallas - Loreto | Loreto - Dallas

Calgary - Loreto | Loreto - Tijuana
Tijuana - Loreto | Loreto - Tijuana
Calafia Airlines

Tijuana - Loreto | Loreto - Tijuana

La Paz - Loreto | Loreto - La Paz

Hermosillo - Loreto | Loreto - Hermosillo

What is the Weather in Loreto Mexico?

Over the course of the year, the temperature in Loreto typically varies from 58°F to 95°F and is rarely below 53°F or above 99°F.

If you’re worried about what is the weather in Loreto Mexico, the sunny days and pleasant temperatures will put you at ease. The winter months are dry, perfect for exploring the outdoors and discovering for yourself what is there to do in Loreto Mexico. During the summer, more travelers are curious about what is the weather in Loreto Mexico as temperatures rise to 90s and humid air brings on rain showers. Staying in one of the luxurious Loreto resorts gives you the option to retreat to a sumptuous suite or tranquil spa during the brief showers, and sipping an icy margarita by the tropical pools overlooking the Sea of Cortez is the best way to beat the heat. Contacting the resorts’ call centers directly is the best way to guarantee the lowest price on exclusive deals.


Beach In Loreto Baja Sur Mexico

Where to Eat in Loreto Mexico?

From the moment you land at the Loreto International Airport, you’re surrounded by options for authentic Mexican food that is unrivaled in any other part of the world. Where to eat in Loreto Mexico ranges from corner kitchens using recipes passed between generations to gourmet kitchens at resorts where expert chefs add their signature twists to classic dishes for flavors that are savory and surprising. All-inclusive vacation packages give travelers unlimited options for dining and drinking, and when it comes to what is there to do in Loreto Mexico, exploring the rich cuisine of the city is one of the most satisfying choices.

Check the best restaurants in Loreto Mexico.

Where To Eat In Loreto Mexico Danzante Restaurant

What is There to do in Loreto Mexico?

There’s so many exciting tours to experience during the day that you can see it all comfortably and safely. Head out to the desert on an ATV ride or sail the sea in hopes of spotting whales. For more freedom to explore, choosing a rental car in Loreto Mexico gives you the keys to adventure. Embark on journeys to further away destinations, like Balandra Bay, or quickly get around town on your own. 

Book tours and activities in Loreto.

Vacation Packages to Loreto.

Sabila Spa and Wellness Center.

Play golf in Loreto at TPC Danzante Bay Golf Course.

Things To Do In Loreto Baja Mexico

Car rental in Loreto

If you opt for a rental car in Loreto Mexico, be sure to purchase the insurance even if your credit card claims to include it since obtaining outside insurance in a foreign country can be tricky. Even though how safe is Loreto Mexico to drive depends on you exercising caution and staying alert, navigating traffic in this small town makes exploring the Baja Peninsula easy. Take a look at these car rental services in Loreto.

Alamo Rent a Car



Mex Rent a Car
Europcar Rent a Car
ACE Rent a Car

(877) 822-3872



Hertz Car Rental
Fox Rent a Car



Dollar Car Rental
Whether you have a rental car in Loreto Mexico or are content soaking up the sun poolside at the resort, Loreto is a destination to fall in love with. Take a stroll through the charming downtown or sail out to the Islands of Loreto, and you’ll see why experienced travelers keep returning to Loreto. Once you land, you’ll stop worrying about how safe is Loreto Mexico and start wondering how you can return every year to paradise.


Best Time to Visit Loreto Mexico

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