TPC Danzante Bay: A Hole-by-Hole Tour of the Back Nine

For so many, golf is one of the greatest games alive, but for those who’ve had the privilege of playing the course at TPC Danzante Bay, it is so much more! As one of the best golf courses in Mexico and the world, TPC Danzante Bay offers an experience unparalleled by others. It is an impeccable course that is as challenging as it is rewarding. It is the ideal way to test your skills, while at the same time discovering the beauty of one of Mexico’s most stunning destinations. The back nine at this remarkable golf course, not only brings out the best of your golf game, but it leaves you feeling inspired, awe-struck, and completely appreciative of the opportunities before you. Familiarize yourself with the back nine before you tee off so you can make the most of your game. 

Hole 10
Par 5 | Handicap 12

Now that you’re halfway through the course, don’t let this unique hole trap you. Hole 10 is surrounded by water, mountains, and desert. Hug the left side of the fairway to avoid going off into the small pond on the right, but be sure to get a drive that’s long enough to go over the natural sand bunker that divides the fairway.

Hole 11
Par 4 | Handicap 1

Even though there’s a wide landing area waiting for you at hole 10, you’ll need a very long tee shot that’s accurate enough to avoid the water on the right and the slopes on the left. Once you reach the elevated green, you should have an easy time putting your ball into the hole.

Hole 12
Par 5 | Handicap 3

As you approach the final holes, you’ll arrive at the beach. This long par 5 runs alongside Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, so be sure to wave to your family watching from the balcony. To make it to the beach at the end of the green, you’ll have to skirt the dunes on the left side of the fairway. The approach to the green seems nice and wide, but underlying contours naturally create slopes that will affect incoming shots. At the green, pause to check out the view of the beach and the Islands of Loreto.

Hole 13
Par 3 | Handicap 15

Now that you’re along the beach, this hole is nestled entirely in sand dunes. Built right next to the Sea of Cortez, the beachfront green has an unforgettable backdrop. Surrounded by sand, the green has a slight left-to-right angle.

Hole 14
Par 4 | Handicap 5

Tee off from the edge of a cliff over the dunes, but while you may think the fairway is nice and flat, it goes down first to a wide landing area before sloping up to a green. With a bunker on the right and a grassy hollow on the left, play your shot smart. The wide views of the sea and mountains here are incredible, but you still have several more shots to take.

Hole 15
Par 4 | Handicap 11

You’ll now climb back up the mountains with this left-to-right dogleg through a narrow gap in the valley. There’s a board landing area, and the green has a strong backstop, giving you a couple options for how to play this hole. With a large trough cutting through the putting area, you’ll need to approach this with the proper angle.

Hole 16
Par 4 | Handicap 13

While it’s a short, narrow par 4, this dogleg left is a challenging uphill shot with an elevated green. However, Rees Jones designed it to be a little forgiving, with mountains on the side that will help funnel any wayward shots back towards the center.

Hole 17
Par 3 | Handicap 9

This is the dramatic hole that makes TPC Danzante Bay stand out from all other golf courses in Loreto Mexico, attracting golfers from around the world. After cresting over the ridge between the 16th and 17th holes, golfers are looking out over the Sea of Cortez, which wraps around the green. The stunning backdrop of this hole goes straight down into the water 250 feet below, so you’ll need to be precise with your drive. This putting surface sits high above the sparkling sea, and from here, you’ll have an elevated view of the Islands of Loreto and a great spot to snap a photo.

Hole 18
Par 4 | Handicap 2

Here, on the longest and sharpest downhill of the course, you’ll have a phenomenal last view as you head back towards the resort. Aim for the pair of fairway bunkers and away from the outcrop of rocks on the right to hit the landing area. Since it’s a downhill shot, you’ll want to play onto the ramp that sweeps up to the putting surface from the right. After finishing the course, celebrate the day at Casa Club Restaurant, and start making plans for your next round of golf.

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