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Traveling to Loreto Baja California Sur is one of the greatest adventures of a lifetime. To show off more of the landscape and give guests the chance to enjoy all the incredible activities in Loreto, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto is getting ready to kick off Adventure Week, a week-long program of activities on land and adventures at sea. Seeing photos and hearing stories about the unique events in Loreto during Adventure Week will have you setting your sights on the Baja Peninsula for your next Mexico vacation. At one of the top Loreto Mexico resorts, participate with family, friends, or your partner, and you’ll discover a weeklong adventure your heart will never forget!

Adventure Week: The itinerary for Adventure Week at Villa del Palmar Loreto gives you the perfect combination of Loreto activities all within a single week and all prearranged to take the hassle out of figuring out what to do in Loreto. To give you and your family the most opportunities for excitement and teambuilding, the week kicks off on Monday with a “Welcome to the Adventure” party, and the rest of the week just keeps getting better. Each day is filled with four to five activities in Loreto that will build your survival skills, teach you about the natural environment of Loreto Mexico, and challenge you athletically. At the end of the week, you won’t be ready to say goodbye to a week of family bonding and Loreto activities, but a four-course dinner at one of the top Loreto Mexico resorts and a festive show is the perfect way to cap off the vacation of a lifetime.

Activities On Land: The unique ecosystem of Loreto Baja California Sur makes it a land of adventure. Discovering the rugged mountains and surrounding deserts is one of the things to do in Loreto that will give you a deeper appreciation for our world and the culture of Mexico. To truly understand the wonderful world of Loreto Mexico, one of the first events of Adventure Week is a guided nature hike with a field expert on local trails. Once you’ve learned survival principles about water wisdom and primitive tools, you’ll know what to do in Loreto Baja California Sur if you were an early explorer. As you enjoy other outdoor Loreto activities at the driving range and famed 17th-hole of TPC Danzante Bay, you’ll be able to get a grand view of the landscape you’ve been learning about. One of the most exciting events in Loreto during the week is a desert ATV adventure where you’ll fly over rugged trails and see more of the wild side of Loreto. 

Adventures At Sea: For most travelers, the highlight of the Loreto Mexico landscape is the Sea of Cortez. During the events in Loreto this week, adventurers will head out on the water to discover the majesty of the ocean. Begin your ocean adventures with a paddle and kayak expedition to Ensenada Blanca Cove, two of the best things to do in Loreto on water. Along the way, you’ll learn basic navigation and ocean skills, and you’ll also get the opportunity to fish with an expert and cook your catch back at Villa del Palmar Loreto. As the adventures at sea continue, you’ll get the chance to go island hopping and snorkeling in the “Aquarium of the World” and Honeymoon Cove. In the evenings, when you look out the window of your suite at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto to catch the sunset, you’ll be able to point out the incredible sights you found during the day as you enjoyed the best things to do in Loreto on the water. 

Let the experts at Villa del Palmar Loreto take the planning of what to do in Loreto off your hands during Adventure Week, and enjoy the best activities in Loreto with your friends and family. What makes Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto stand out from other Loreto Mexico resorts is their commitment to providing families with the opportunity to grow closer and build lifelong memories. For an adventure your heart will never forget, set your sights on Adventure Week at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

For more information about the Adventure Week, lodging and package details,  call 1 (800) 790-4187, or email reservaciones.vdpl@vgloreto.com. 

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