How The Sabila Spa Can Treat Your Ailments

Sabila Spa at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto is an oasis nestled between the power of the Baja mountains and the tranquility of the Sea of Cortez, and it’s regularly honored with awards for being one of the best spa hotels in Mexico. Here, traditional healing techniques from around the world are combined with modern innovation for treatments that are just as good for the body as they are for the mind. Before booking treatments at the spa, the experienced staff can help you design a package that targets your ailments. Whether you need to heal sun damage or detox your system, these services will leave you feeling soothed and stronger. 


If you struggle with acne, spending your days sweating on the beach and rubbing sunblock into your skin can cause breakouts, but the Sea of Cortez Deep Cleanser facial at Sabila Spa will refresh your pores. The treatment begins with a full steam to open up your pores and is followed by light exfoliation and signature Sea of Cortez facial mask.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Vacationing at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto will make you feel young at heart, and with the Anti-Aging with Vitamin C facial, you can turn back the hands of time. This treatment uses a lift-off mask with a high concentration of Vitamin C and dried seaweed to reduce fine lines and strengthen your skin’s natural elasticity for a healthy and youthful appearance. As one of the best spa hotels in Mexico, Sabila Spa has an array of treatments to choose from, including a specialized Eye Wrinkle Treatment. With 100% collagen, you’ll see fewer lines and wrinkles around your eyes after this treatment.

Sun Damage

During your Loreto vacation, you’ll want to spend your days outside playing golf, snorkeling along the shore, and playing with your family at the pool, but all the time in the sun can take its toll, drying out your skin and creating fine lines. Both the After Sun Rehydrating Facial and the After Sun Soothing Chamomile Treatment at Sabila Spa will restore moisture and help reduce inflammation. While you should always remember to wear sunblock and use a hat, these treatments will help protect your skin as well.

Frozen Shoulder/Back Spasm

Stiff and sore joints can leave you stuck inside, no way to spend a golf vacation. For tense and sore muscles, Sabila Spa has a range of options, and when you meet with spa technicians, they can help you pinpoint the perfect treatment. The Athlete in You is a deep tissue massage with techniques, stretches, and movements to increase flexibility and decrease muscle soreness. The Sabila Spa Signature Golf Massage is specifically designed to target trigger points for golfers using actual golf balls to decrease contracted muscles. These treatments will alleviate pain and get you back on your feet.

Edema and Swelling

The Lymphatic Drainage Massage will help your body restore its natural rhythm and increase blood flow to reduce blockages in the lymphatic system. The rhythmic strokes of the light massage will restore balance to the lymphatic system, reducing edema and swelling for better overall health.


No matter which services you choose, start your spa day in the hydrotherapy circuit at Sabila Spa. Moving between hot and cold water promotes healthy blood flow, carrying toxins out of your body. Spending time in the hydrotherapy circuit will start to calm your mind and prepare your body to receive deeper benefits from your treatments. 

Mental Fatigue

Spending the day inside the tranquil and serene environment of one of the best spa hotels in Mexico will start to wash your worries away, but there are some treatments specially designed to alleviate mental fatigue. Allow the natural properties of the Aromatherapy Senses massage to melt your stress away, or try a Lomi Lomi massage, a holistic traditional Hawaiian treatment that sends gentle and deep shock waves through the body to both relax and invigorate. By working on all the muscles of the body, the goal of Lomi Lomi is to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind.

The full list of treatments provides you with services for whatever ails you, and with the guidance of the professional team at Sabila Spa, you can discover the right healing treatments for you. Spending time here during your vacation at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto will restore your energy and vitality so that you return home more energized than ever before.

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