How to Get Back to Healthy Eating After Vacation

All good things must come to an end, even vacations, but getting back on track after vacation is easier said than done, especially when it comes to food. Vacations are a chance to dine out, try new foods, and treat yourself to an extra dessert, but when it comes to going home, most travelers would rather take some souvenirs back home than a bloated stomach. While you should feel free to indulge on vacation, having a plan for getting back on track after the holidays end will make returning home a little easier. With these tips for how to cleanse after vacation, you can settle back into your daily routine feeling relaxed and recharged.

1. Stay Healthy on Vacation

Rather than planning on a detox after vacation, plan a trip that will make you feel healthy and well. Start your days on vacation with a little movement, like a walk on the beach or a yoga class, and then spend your day enjoying outdoor activities. By staying active and exercising your body, you’ll get to see more of your destination and feel strong when you return home. Fuel your days with a healthy breakfast of fresh produce, and make sure to get several servings of fruits and vegetables throughout your day.

2. Don’t Feel Guilty

While you shouldn’t just eat French fries and ice cream on vacation, holidays are a time to treat yourself without feeling guilty. Don’t let worries about your weight or calories stop you from enjoying every moment of your vacation. When you get home, don’t immediately run to the scale. Give yourself a few days to detox after vacation, and remember that a little weight fluctuation on vacation is normal.

3. Return to a Normal Schedule

One of the best ways for getting back on track after the holidays is to return to a normal schedule. Instead of sleeping in and eating breakfast in the afternoon, start your day at a normal time with a healthy breakfast, and return to a normal dinner-time schedule. This will also help cut out the afternoon snacking and day drinking of vacation. You should also resume your regular exercise routine when you get home to help your body detox after vacation.

4. Swap the Alcohol for Water

How to cleanse after vacation can be as easy as swapping the sugary cocktails and cold beers for glasses of water. Not only with the cut the calories and carbs, but the extra hydration will also help your body get rid of toxins.

5. Avoid Processed Foods

As you’re getting back on track after vacation, avoid processed and prepackaged food. While you may not have the free time that you did on vacation, eating whole foods doesn’t have to involve time-consuming recipes. Swap the bag of chips for a piece of fruit or carrot sticks. Instead of making a boxed dinner, stir fry a few veggies with chicken. Fueling your body with fresh choices is one of the best tips for how to cleanse after vacation or any time.

Getting back on track after vacation is easiest when you have a plan, and if you maintain a balanced schedule and diet on your trip, returning to normal is much quicker. However, don’t feel guilty when you spend your morning on vacation sleeping in or treat yourself to an extra scoop of ice cream at night. Vacations are a chance to relax, and counting calories can take away from enjoying the present. Create a plan for staying active on vacation and for getting back on track after the holidays so that you can enjoy all that your destination has to offer.

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