How to Prepare for a Massage

For centuries, massages have been used to naturally heal the body, and the benefits of massage range from mental to physical wellness. To get the most from your appointment, there are several things to do before and after your massage. By considering how to prepare for a massage and what you should do after a massage, your treatment will be so much more than a luxurious hour of pampering.

What To Do Before a Massage?


The gentle movements of massage naturally break up toxins in the body, which improves the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients. Being hydrated helps your body flush these toxins out. However, gulping down a bottle of water right before your appointment isn’t the best option. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your massage.


To start to relax, take a warm shower before your massage. You’ll also clean dirt and sweat from your body so that they don’t get mixed into the warm oils.


You don’t want to feel bloated during your massage, so it’s best to avoid a large meal beforehand. Instead, have a light snack of fresh fruits, vegetables, or nuts an hour before your appointment.

Comfortable Clothes

Since you’ll be asked to undress before your massage, one of the best tips for how to prepare for a massage is to wear loose fitting clothes. This will make it easy to change, and afterwards, you won’t want to put tight clothes on your tender and relaxed muscles. 

Arrive Early

Some of the best benefits of massage are mental, and to feel absolutely relaxed during your treatment, arrive early. Rushing in at the last minute will make it take longer to fully relax into your massage.


When booking your massage, it’s important to establish clear communication. Let your massage therapist know about any health issues so that they can help you pinpoint the right treatment for your body. At your appointment, let them know if there are any areas you want them to focus on or if you feel any discomfort during the massage.

What Should You Do After a Massage?

Continue to Hydrate

Massages naturally leave you dehydrated, and as your body continues to flush toxins, stay hydrated. Sip some water and avoid alcohol to feel the full benefits of massage. 

Wait to Shower

After leaving the spa, one of your first instincts may be to shower the oil off your body. However, these oils have natural properties that need time to be absorbed fully into your skin. Wait at least an hour to shower after a massage.

Take it Easy

Your idea of what you should do after a massage might get you out of your relaxed state too soon. The best option is continuing to take it easy. Strenuous physical or mental activity too soon afterwards can take away the massage benefits before you’ve had a chance to absorb it all.

Book Your Next Massage

Massages should be a regular part of your wellness regimen, and before you rush off from the spa, book your next appointment. Discuss your wellness with your massage therapist to decide how long to wait before your next session.

Taking these steps before and after your massage will maximize the physical and mental benefits of the treatment. Make the most of your time, and experience the difference a good massage can make.

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