New Hydrotherapy Treatments Available at the Sabila Spa

While some spa classics, like manicures and massages, are familiar to most people, new health trends and the revival of ancient healing practices keep the best spas innovative with new treatments, including hydrotherapy. A new iteration of ancient wellness practices, hydrotherapy is being offered around the world and at the best Mexico spa resorts. But what is hydrotherapy? And what are the benefits of hydrotherapy? After learning more about new hydrotherapy spa services and researching what spas offer hydrotherapy in Mexico, you’ll be packing your bags and jetting off to paradise. 

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a whole-body wellness treatment that is designed to increase blood circulation by moving you between different pools of water, showers, and saunas. Each hydrotherapy circuit is unique, but most include dry saunas, steam rooms, pressurized showers, jacuzzis, and cold plunge pools. While including a hydrotherapy soak in a spa is a fairly recent trend, the practice dates back thousands of years to the bath houses of ancient Greece, Egypt, and China. Today, you can enjoy the traditional healing of hydrotherapy spa treatments inside the serene elegance of Mexico spa resorts, and once you know what is hydrotherapy, there’s no better reason to book spa vacations in Mexico. 

Hidrotherapy Circuit Sabila Spa Loreto Mexico

What are the Benefits of Hydrotherapy?

The benefits of hydrotherapy spa services include:

  • Releasing toxins.
  • Rasing muscular and joint pain.
  • Increasing blood circulation.
  • Improving immunity.
  • Ease away stress. 
  • Feeling physically and mentally whole.

The heat of saunas and jacuzzis opens pores and causes you to sweat as blood rushes to the surface of the skin, a process that helps your body naturally detox. As you switch from hot to cold temperatures in a hydrotherapy circuit, your blood vessels dilate and increase blood flow, which is great for your immunity and overall wellbeing. Many of the pools and jacuzzis are filled with jets, and by strategically positioning your body, the flow of water can massage sore muscles and joints. With all these physical benefits of hydrotherapy spa treatments, it can be easy to overlook the mental benefits. The relaxation of being in the water and the serenity of the spa can ease away stress and calm your thoughts. Adding hydrotherapy soak sessions into spa vacations in Mexico leaves travelers feeling physically and mentally whole.

What Spas Offer Hydrotherapy in Mexico?

Sabila Spa in Loreto Mexico features a complete hydrotherapy circuit as well as new hydrotherapy spa treatments within an award-winning, luxury, spa oasis. Sabila Spa is part of one of the top Mexico spa resorts where traditional healing practices are combined with modern innovations.

In addition to a complete hydrotherapy circuit, the hydrotherapy spa services at Sabila Spa include the Botanical Body Soak with a variety of fresh herbs to soothe sore muscles, and as the air fills with aromas, the treatment will calm your mind and boost your mood. There are also two enzyme hydrotherapy soak treatments with epsom salts: one with rosemary to help protect skin cells from damage caused  by the sun and harmful chemicals, and the other with cinnamon and cloves to reduce congestion and tension.

When it comes to what spas offer hydrotherapy in Mexico, Sabila Spa is at the top of the list. With all the physical and mental benefits of hydrotherapy spa treatments and tempting prices, travelers should book their appointments for spa vacations in Mexico early.

Spa In Loreto Sabila Spa

Sabila Spa Hydrotherapy Menu

Guests can enjoy a variety of soaks  by appointments only for  an additional  15USD only. Gold card discount and elite member discount does apply!

The Basics: Enjoy & relax in our world class amenities - $18USD.

Includes: Dry sauna, eucalyptus steam room, pressurized showers, cold plunge as well as salted Jacuzzi and hot Jacuzzi. 

Luxury: Heighten your hydrotherapy experience; indulge yourself in any of the following treatments or a combination of treatments. 

  • Botanical Body Soak (20 minutes) - $15USD.

Boost your mood, calm your mind, soothe your sore muscles and joints and enjoy a variety of fresh herbs while pleasant aromas fill the air and provide your soul with therapy and aromatherapy all-in-one heavenly treatment. 

  • Aromatic Enzyme Soak (20 minutes) $15USD.

Choose one of the following aromas for your personalized soak: 

*Epsom Salts with Fresh Rosemary – Relax your full body and tense muscles while protecting skin cells from damage caused by the sun and free radicals. 

*Epsom Salts with Cinnamon and Cloves – Relax your full body while decongesting and warming your body. Reduces any pain or discomfort associated with tension or headaches. 

Sabila Spa Loreto Mexico Spa Services

Wet Areas Sabila Spa Villa Del Palmar Loreto

With an extensive list of what are the benefits of hydrotherapy and several treatments to choose from, savvy travelers know that Sabila Spa is the destination for spa vacations. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Baja California and the Sea of Cortez, there’s no better place to experience that natural healing powers of hydrotherapy.

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