COVID-19 Update in Loreto Mexico

Loreto Mexico, with its tranquil beaches and small-town charm, is the ideal destination in Mexico for travelers seeking paradise, and right now, it’s also one of the safest places to visit in Mexico. Throughout the pandemic, the city government and business leaders have taken a proactive response, and because it’s a small city, it has the lowest number of cases in the state. Those who have fallen in love with the natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle of the city have been eagerly asking “Is Loreto Mexico open for tourists?”, and thanks to a variety of safety protocols, vacations in Loreto are once again resuming.

Is Loreto Mexico Open for Tourists?

Officially, Loreto was never closed to tourists, and while non-essential crossings at the land border between Baja Mexico and California were limited, citizens and visitors could fly between the two countries. However, when most businesses and resorts were closed, it wasn’t the best time for a vacation. At this point, restaurants, stores, and hotels are open and operating at 50% capacity, so for those asking “Is Loreto Mexico open for tourists?”, now is the perfect time to visit while cases are low and there are fewer crowds. Travelers visiting from the US or Canada will need results from a COVID test before traveling back, but some resorts have started on-site testing to make this process quick, easy, and safe.

Is Loreto Mexico Safe to Visit Now?

Loreto Mexico has long been considered one of the safest destinations in Mexico, but these days, travelers are more concerned about health and sanitation. If you want to know is Loreto Mexico safe, you just have to look throughout the city of Loreto at the variety of preventive protocols and safety measures in place, like checking temperatures and wearing face masks. Resorts have created their own stringent protocols and guidelines to protect their staff and guests, and these measures have earned them the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council. For those asking “Is Loreto Mexico safe to visit right now?”, seeing all these safety measures in place is reassuring, and as you travel, following all the rules and guidelines will help keep you healthy.

Are Beaches Open in Loreto Mexico?

The beaches of Loreto attract travelers from around the world, and because they’re the highlight of vacationing here, “Are beaches open in Loreto Mexico?” has been one of the most frequently asked questions. The beaches are all currently open, and they provide the perfect spacing for soaking up the fresh air and practicing social distancing. The beaches here are wide and gorgeous, giving everyone space to spread out and enjoy the natural beauty.

What Airlines Service Loreto Mexico?

The list of what airlines service Loreto Mexico is constantly growing as more travelers are hearing about the natural beauty, world-class golf, and delicious seafood in Loreto. Some of the most popular options are Alaskan Airlines, American Airlines, and Westjet, and there are also domestic flights in Mexico with Calafia Airlines and Volaris. As you make your travel plans, you can also choose to cross the border in San Diego and catch a quick flight from Tijuana. 

Both locals and visitors are thankful that there are beaches open in Loreto Mexico, and it’s because of the city’s commitment to health and safety that cases are low and vacations are on. To help protect the local community and keep businesses open, be sure to follow all rules and guidelines during your trip, and you’ll be able to experience the best of Loreto Mexico. 

COVID-19 in Loreto - FAQs Update 2021

Preventative protocols against COVID-19 at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto.


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