Travel to Loreto Mexico With Your Pet

Leaving a beloved pet at home while you travel is never fun and can be quite stressful for some animals. Pet travel from USA to Mexico is more common and easier than you might expect, which opens the doors for an exciting trip for you and your pet. To prepare to travel to Mexico with your pet, there are several things you should consider and prepare for. If you follow these steps for taking pets to Mexico on airlines, you can enjoy paradise with your furry companion by your side.

Flying with Fido

The first thing you need to check to travel to Mexico with your pet is your airline regulations. Depending on which airline you fly with, you may be able to travel with pets in the cabin or you may have to keep them in a crate in cargo for a small charge. Either way, it’s best to practice how to bring your pets to Mexico by training your pet to stay in its cage for at least an hour. Taking pets to Mexico on airlines also means that they won’t be able to go to the bathroom for a while. Most pet owners find pee pads to be the perfect solution for this, and again, it’s good for your pet to get used to the pads before taking pets to Mexico on airlines. 


One of the trickiest parts for how to bring your pets to Mexico is the paperwork because it must be done in advance and certified by a veterinarian for pet travel from USA to Mexico. The form you’ll need for taking pets to Mexico is a health certificate with your pet’s information on your veterinarian's letterhead. This form to travel with pets needs to include you and your pet’s identification data, rabies vaccine date and validity, confirmation of a preventive treatment against parasites within six months of travel, and assurance of clinical health. All of this must be typed and completed within 15 days of bringing pets to Mexico to guarantee that the information is current, which protects your pet and all other animals.

Puppy Dog On The Beach

Pet Friendly Hotel in Loreto, Mexico

If you travel to Loreto Mexico, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto warmly welcomes dogs and cats to join you on vacation. There is a minimal fee for your furry guest, but they will be treated like a part of the Villa del Palmar family with their own pet bed, bowls, and toys so that you don’t have to worry about extra packing. As you indulge in luxuries on vacation, your pet can also be pampered with a special pet menu.

View pet policy.

Pet Friendly Hotel In Loreto Villa Del Palmar

Vacationing Together

If you travel to Mexico with your pet, you’ll want to research where you can explore together rather than having to leave them behind at the resort while you have an adventure. Loreto Mexico is a great destination for bringing pets to Mexico and experiencing the country together. Active pets will love running on the beach, visiting parks, hiking in the naturally stunning environment, and relaxing at pet friendly restaurants in the evening as the sun sets. Bringing pets to Mexico also keeps you active between trips to the park and walks on the beach. Because Loreto Mexico is a quiet, laid-back city, there won’t be lots of traffic to worry about or noises to scare your dog.

Villa Del Palmar Loreto Beach Ensenada Blanca

Because pet travel from USA to Mexico is surprisingly simple, many pet owners have been enjoying the company of their animals on vacation for years, and you can probably even spot some dogs who have traveled internationally more than most people. If you do the work ahead of time to understand how to bring your pets to Mexico, you can enjoy your trip without worrying about how your dog or cat is doing at home alone. Leave that guilt behind and discover an exciting trip when you travel with pets to Loreto Mexico.


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