Published on 06/04/2019

5 Reasons to Take a Golf Vacation

Five Reasons To Take A Golf Vacation Loreto Mexico

If you’re unsure what to do for your next trip, enjoy one of the best golf vacations in Mexico at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. Here, you can enjoy warm days spent on the lush TPC Danzante Bay golf course with spectacular views of one of the most tranquil Mexico destinations before returning to one of the top Loreto Mexico resorts. With tempting deals on golf vacation packages and these five reasons to take a golf vacation, there’s no better time to plan your vacation to Loreto Mexico

Exercise In Paradise: The best golf vacations will keep you active as you walk through the TPC golf course and spend the day in the fresh air of one of the most peaceful Mexico destinations. With warm weather and a cool breeze, you’ll be able to enjoy playing every day in Loreto Mexico. People on vacation generally tend to indulge in unhealthy habits and put on weight, but spending the day on the Loreto golf course will help keep you in shape, even when you’re treating yourself to tacos and margaritas. 

Play Every Day: Planning out a vacation can be stressful, but with incredible golf packages, organizing your day on the TPC Danzante Bay golf course is easy. Staying at Villa del Palmar Loreto puts you right next to the most stunning Loreto golf course, and with the golf vacation packages, you can indulge in unlimited rounds on vacation. It’s also an activity everyone can enjoy. It’s not too physically demanding, the views are spectacular, and friendly competition keeps the game lively. During your stay at the golf resort, your days will be filled with a winning combination of relaxation and excitement.

Challenge Yourself: Playing regularly on a single course at home takes some of the challenge out of the game, so traveling to a new course, especially the TPC Danzante Bay golf course, will give you a new challenge. Designed by master architect Rees Jones, the Loreto golf course is built into the naturally wild landscape with cliffs and curves that are both technically challenging and brilliantly breathtaking. Staying at Villa del Palmar Loreto also gives you access to the verdant putting green, onsite pro shop, and the luxurious clubhouse, where perfecting your game is both relaxing and exciting. 

Fit Your Budget: The best golf vacations don’t have to break the bank. The golf vacation packages at Villa del Palmar Loreto offer you everything you need for your vacation. All inclusive dining, an elegant suite, a world-class spa, unlimited golf, and other activities are more affordable when combined, which makes Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto a favorite golf resort for so many. With a variety of golf packages, there’s something for every budget.

Explore The World: Staying at one of the best Loreto Mexico resorts opens the door to exploring the vibrant culture and landscape of Mexico. When you’re not on the TPC golf course, you can go for a hike or a swim in the ocean to enjoy the natural beauty of the city. Rent a kayak or go fishing for an afternoon at sea. Staying in one of the smaller but still popular Mexico destinations means you can sample plenty of authentic cuisine and see buildings that date back to the colonial era without being surrounded by crowds of tourists. While it can be tempting to spend your entire stay on the TPC golf course, experiencing the culture around the Loreto resort will enrich your vacation and make it truly memorable.

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto isn’t just one of the top Loreto Mexico resorts. It’s also an award-winning golf resort full of reasons to start planning your golf vacation. With affordable golf packages and luxurious amenities, Villa del Palmar Loreto is waiting for you to come discover what makes it a golfer’s paradise.

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