Things to Do Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving can be the most festive time of the year, and if you’re feeling like your holidays could use some sprucing up, let these fun activities for Thanksgiving inspire you to start your own traditions. Whether you’re home, far from family, or in Loreto Mexico with your loved ones, there are so many things to do Thanksgiving weekend that will bring you and your loved ones closer together.

1. Try a New Take on Thanksgiving Dinner

While the smell of roasting turkey and the spices of pumpkin pie bring back memories of years gone by, one of the most unique things to do on Thanksgiving Day is to shake up the menu. If you’re traveling to Mexico this year, feast on authentic Mexican dishes and fresh catches from the sea. If you’re at home, spin the globe to find inspiration for something different to serve on your table this year.

2. Host Your Own Turkey Trot

For many families, turkey trot races are a classic way to start the day before digging into the big meal. If there are no organized races near you, hosting your own race is one of the Thanksgiving family activities that doesn’t take too much planning. Agree on a distance and course, and start the day with a brisk jog. If you’re in Loreto, explore the historic downtown or run along the beach. Start a new tradition of things to do on Thanksgiving Day by awarding the winner with their very own pumpkin pie or the honor of carving the turkey.

3. Start a Gratitude Journal

All these fun activities for Thanksgiving should remind us of all there is to be thankful for, but these feelings of gratitude should last all year long. Starting a gratitude journal is one of the things to do Thanksgiving weekend that can last all year long. Every day, simply write down one or two things that truly made you thankful, and next year, one of the most special things to do on Thanksgiving Day will be to read back through your memories. 

4. Play Some Touch Football

One of the classic Thanksgiving family activities is football, and instead of just lying in front of the TV this year, get outside for some touch football. Even if your group isn’t especially athletic or competitive, the fresh air and exercise will leave your cheeks rosy and smiling. In Loreto, playing in the sand will add an extra touch of fun to your game.

5. Write Some Thank You Notes

Another idea for meaningful things to do Thanksgiving weekend is to write thank you letters to others. This is especially meaningful if you’re not able to be with family this weekend. You can also write thank you letters to our troops, healthcare workers, and teachers. The act of writing these cards will fill you with gratitude and spread that energy around the world. 

6. Host a Pie Swap

If you’re able to get together with friends or family, host a pie swap, one of the most fun activities for Thanksgiving no matter your baking expertise. Encourage everyone to bake their best pie or to try a new recipe, and bring them all together. Spend the afternoon swapping slices and trading recipes. You’ll then each have an array of flavors to take home for your family meals. 

7. Shop the Thanksgiving Sales

For some, there are no better Thanksgiving family activities than waking up early and waiting in line to shop Black Friday sales. This year, you can head to your local stores or sleep in and shop online. Explore Black Friday sales on everything from airline tickets to hotel stays while sipping your morning coffee in your own kitchen or your Loreto suite.

Having a meaningful Thanksgiving requires some attention to planning out a special meal and activities to share, but when you do, people come together and remember how much they have to be thankful for. Let these ideas liven up your holidays or inspire your own version of Thanksgiving traditions.

Photo credits: Pexels and Pixabay.

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