Vacations for Seniors in Baja Mexico

It’s not just families with young kids and spring breakers who love traveling to the coast of Mexico. Along the sunny shores of Baja Mexico, seniors of all ages have discovered the best vacation spots where they have everything they need to safely relax while experiencing something new. Loreto Mexico is a small coastal city where vacations for seniors include luxurious accommodations, a variety of activities, and a safe community. After a quick flight to the city’s international airport, discover one of the best places for senior trip vacations for yourself.

Where to Stay in Baja California

While college students may be up for sleeping on sofas and staying in dorms, when it comes to what are the best vacations for seniors, you deserve to sleep in a plush and comfortable bed, and in Loreto Mexico, staying at an all-inclusive resort gives you everything you need to relax and be pampered. In your sumptuous suite, you’ll be able to wake up in a comfortable bed to the sound of the waves, and with all-inclusive dining, you won’t have to worry about figuring out where to eat or how to get there. You’ll have access to the best restaurants in Loreto and a variety of choices for where to dine every day all included in vacation packages for seniors. In your resort, the staff will welcome you with warm hospitality and help you with everything from booking tours to helping you find a local pharmacy. 

When to Go

Vacations for seniors are most popular in the winter when frigid winds send many south to seek a warmer climate. Since this is the most popular time for vacationing in Loreto, you can meet other tourists from around the world who are also enjoying the beauty of Mexico during their golden years. However, for many seniors, travel is an activity that needs to be budgeted for, and if you’re hoping to travel to one of the best places for senior trip vacations for a fraction of the cost, make plans to travel during summer. Since tourism is typically lower in Loreto from June-September, this is the time to get some of the best deals on vacation packages for seniors. However, these months have the hottest days of the year, so be prepared to spend your days dipping in the pool, relaxing in the spa, and enjoying icy margaritas. 

What to Do on Your Baja Vacations

As you start to look at what are the best vacations for seniors, you’ll see that there’s a variety of tours and activities in Loreto for people of all ages. While some seniors may be up for ziplining and ATV rides, there’s also more relaxing activities that provide just as much excitement. During winter vacations for seniors, whale watching is one of the most popular activities. Grey whales, humpbacks, and other whales migrate down from Alaska every winter to mate and give birth in the warm waters of the Sea of Loreto. While you can only spot them as you sail at sea from December until March, travelers can enjoy beach days, golfing, and tours at the local museum all year long. Many of the best activities will also be included in your vacation packages for seniors, like golfing, spa services, and shows at the resort. Since Loreto is a small town, it’s a safe and friendly place to explore, and as you wander the cobblestone streets and pop into boutique shops, you’ll hear locals greeting each other by name. 

As you research what are the best vacations for seniors, you’ll quickly see that Loreto Mexico is one of the best destinations. In this small coastal city, you can stay in a luxurious resort and experience the adventures and safety that make this one of the best places for senior trip vacations. Without the hustle and bustle of the larger destinations in Mexico, you can slow down and soak up the beauty of Loreto.

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