How We are Getting Ready for Our Reopening

Thanks to the efforts of local businesses and community leaders, the COVID-19 curve is flattening, and while many cities have made it through the peak of the outbreak, reopening must be done slowly and cautiously to keep everyone safe. Before the Mexican government decided to start closing businesses when the first cases of the coronavirus outbreak appeared, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto had already made the hard decision to say goodbye to the final guests. As a leader in the community, this decision helped the small city of Loreto Mexico stay safe. Because few people were able to travel to Loreto Mexico during the height of the pandemic and the virus didn’t spread, the federal and state governments have given the green light to businesses to start gradually reopening, requesting that they adhere to strict sanitary and security protocols. With new disinfectant and social distancing measures in place, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto will slowly be inviting guests back to paradise.

While guests were away, a limited number of staff members were allowed to work, following safety protocols and practicing social distancing. During this time, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto got a deep clean, surfaces all around the resort were disinfected, and general improvements were made to the facilities. As the resort prepares to open back up, staff members have been trained on what to do if guests fall ill, what measures to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and how to maintain a sanitary environment. Signs will be placed around the resort, reminding staff of how to best disinfect and encouraging guests to follow safety measures.

A few of The Villa Group Resorts had a soft opening mid May, starting with an occupancy rate of approximately 10%, limited to the owners of residences. While they are there, guests who travel to Loreto Mexico are asked to enjoy the beauty of the resort and remain on the property. Exploring downtown Loreto Mexico is the highlight of many vacations, but to practice social distancing and limit the potential spread of germs, vacations are more laid back and tranquil right now. Long walks on the beach, afternoons by the pool, and rounds of golf still make travel to Loreto Mexico a magical experience.

To make sure that the city continues to avoid an outbreak of the coronavirus, the resort is implementing several new precautionary measures. When guests and employees enter the hotel, noninvasive temperature screenings will be required, and throughout the property, antibacterial gel will be available. To keep outside germs from entering the resort, staff will be given freshly laundered uniforms to change into at the start of each shift. This team of staff members has always worked hard to ensure that the Villa resort was sparkling clean, and they’ll now focus more on regularly disinfecting high-contact surface areas, like tables, desks, computers, radios, food trays, elevators, railings, light switches, and other commonly touched surfaces. While you’ll notice changes to different services around the resort, following all guidelines will help the city of Loreto Mexico remain safe and healthy. 

Thanks to preventative measures, guests are slowly being invited back to Loreto, but with COVID-19 still present in Mexico and throughout the world, it’s important that businesses use caution when reopening. As one of the biggest employers in the city, it’s important to Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto that staff are not exposed to the coronavirus but can continue to work and provide for their families. By softly reopening at this time and following these sanitary measures, the resort hopes to best serve all members of the Villa del Palmar family.


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